Canada is a country of opportunities for immigrants. The country extends almost all the privileges of the citizens to the immigrants. The migrants can work and settle in any part of the country. Permanent residency can be attained after staying for 3 continuous years in Canada and the family member are also allowed to stay with the immigrant. The country has a low crime rate and offers a high quality life to those with permanent resident status. Canada's new residents are allowed to have the same status, freedom and rights as that of Canadian citizens.

With one of the fastest growing advanced economies in world; Australia is the favourite destination for people to migrate and settle. From affordable quality education to a large number of employment opportunities, the country caters to all the requirements of an immigrant. Known for its natural beauty and advanced lifestyle Australia has everything that a person relocating to a new country would require. The education system is comprehensive enough to develop required skills in students and serve them well in whichever field they enter. The fee structure is affordable and numerous financial aid options are available for students wishing to pursue their education from Australia.

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